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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

450 Deg Celcius at the Equator...

...so there I was dressed in my sports jacket in smart casual to meet clients...the temperature today was a hot breeze (felt like 40 deg C) .....I am racing back and for across Abidjan (Ivory Cost) between client locations in Nissan and Toyota taxies that are 10 times worse off than Trottors Trading 3 wheeler...even Del Boy would refuse to drive them....we get to a break in the day and make the decision to see a galvanising plant (the process to treat black steel so it does not rust. A process which involves acid baths and zinc baths, the later at 450 deg Celcius)

We drive to the port area of Abidjan, passing all the police road checks which extort cash from the general population, we made it through them all for free!....must have been the jacket!!! no one else would wear one in the heat and in the industrial area...except maybe an Englishman in the midday sun! ...maybe they felt I had paid my price being on a slow boil like I was in the jacket heat!

We pass through the smelliest land fill dump I can remember smelling recently (just after lunch...yuk), on through shanty and smelly fish factory area and round the back to a warehouse...now inside the warehouse, I was confronted with an increase in heat about double that I was already experiencing..... you know hot climate....etc.

The tour included the hydrochloric baths and then the zinc bath....95tonnes of zinc in the bath....I think I lost a few lbs from persperation just walking the 10 minutes tour..... and the end product looked like silver.......very shiny and very hot!


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